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3 Tier Wooden Flower Rack with Water-saving Design For Indoor Outdoor Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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main materialsolid fir wood
overall size71 x 38 x 106 cm (l x w x h)
net weight10kg
maximum loads40kg
interval height21 cm, 27 cm
package includes

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Find a home for your plants! Our shelf is made of environment-friendly solid wood, it’s durable and strong, can bear a lot of weight. The surface is very smooth so it is very convenient to clean, just wipe it with a cloth. It has many perfect designs, for example, the holes design. The height and inclination of this hole can be adjusted according to your requirements, and the holes on each layer can make the excess water flow to the next layer to save the water. Its bottom support frame is curved so can increase stability. At the same time, It has a large storage capacity, and each layer has a different capacity and height, and can hold different sizes of plants. What’s more,

each layer can also be removed and used as a storage box, it’s very versatile. The unique shape also adds a view to your courtyard!



Bullet Point:

Durable Solid Wood Structure & Natural: The flower wood rack is made of totally solid fir which is durable and environmental-friendly. This flower stand has high bearing capacity, making it strong  enough to support your various plants. Coming with smooth finish, it is easy to clean. The texture lines of solid wood are natural and beautiful, giving people a feeling of being in nature.

Three Holes Design On Each Side: Both side of each layer has three holes on the side, which not only adjusts the height of each layer, but also adjusts the slope to make it into a trapezoid. This makes it easy to put plants at different heights. Reasonable trapezoid design ensures the good lighting, food watering and fully ventilation for the flower and plants.

Safety Design & Water-saving Design: The base of the shelf has two arc shapes which are conducive to increased stability, make the shelf hard to shake. All four sides have high plates, it give the plants a safe platform to prevent from falling off. The bottom of each layer has a hole which allows more water from the top layer to flow down to the next layer.

3 Tier Design Provides Larger Capacity: The flower shelf has 3 tiers in all and the space increases from top to bottom. It’s large enough to place lots of bonsai and green plants. The height between the layers increases from top to bottom to accommodate different sizes of plants. Plants can be kept at an appropriate distance r to ensure healthy growth.

Unique Shape & Multi-function Use: Each layer is like a box, which looks very neat and beautiful. It’s not only a flower rack, but also can work as storage shelf. Each layer can be independently removed and used as storage box, it can display various items such as plants, books, collectibles. The shelf is for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for garden, balcony, living room.




The rack is made of natural solid wood which is environment friendly and durable.

Holes in the bottom of each layer allow excess water to flow down and save water.

The size of each layer increases from the top down to accommodate more sizes of plants

Each layer looks like a box and can be taken apart and used independently.

The three holes design can adjust the height and inclination of shelf.

Each slatted shelf has four borders which can prevent plants fall from any place.

3-tier wood shelf provide large spaces to the plants but use less area.

The curved bottom design makes the rack more stable.

It is multi-functional and can suitable for many occasions.

The surface is smooth so clean easily.




Color: brown

Main material: solid fir

Overall size:71cmx 38cm x105cm (L x W x H)

Net weight: 10kg



Package includes:

1 x 3-tier Wooden Flower Rack

1 x Instructions