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CFM Industrial Evaporative Cooler 4-in-1 Air Cooling Fan 45L Tank Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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overall dimension26'' x 17'' x37.5'' (l x w x h)
net weight33 lbs
rating voltage120v/60hz
rating power210w
water tank capacity45l/12gal
rotation speed1300 ±100 rpm
maximum wind speed8.3m/s (18 mph)
air flow9740 cfm
length of wire59 inch
package includes

Key Features

● Fan, Humidifier and Purifier 4 in 1: With water evaporation design, the air cooler lowers the temperature and increases the humidity, blowing out a cooler wind than ordinary fans do. You can add ice cubes into the tank to achieve a better cooling effect. What's more, the honeycombed filters can effectively filter the dust and keep fresh airflow.
● 45L Large Tank for All-day Coolness: Equipped with a large 45L water tank, this cooling fan will last for about 24 hours and increases the humidity constantly if you press "cool" mode. The refilling is also convenient, you can either manually open the tank lid to add water and ice or connect the hose for sustaining water supply.
● Strong Wind and 100°Oscillation Angle: By the experiment, the fan can release up to 9740 cfm airflow and cool up to 1800 Sq. ft coverage. And set with 3 wind speeds, you can freely adjust louvers to satisfy your needs. Besides, 100°Oscillation angle can provide air supply to broad coverage.
● Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Cooling: The cooling fan saves energy and causes little damage to the environment. The rated power of the motor is 210W, which is far less than that of an air conditioner. And evaporative cooling is more eco-friendly, since no refrigerant is added and less pollution is produced.
● Great Mobility and Wide Application: The air cooler has 4 universal casters and side handles, which allow you to effortlessly move it anywhere. Two of the casters are lockable to keep the fan still. With the above merits, this cooling fan is widely applicable to many places and it will be a good choice for garages, courtyards, shopping malls, factories, restaurants, homes etc.

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This evaporative air cooler provides an energy-saving solution to cool your home or workplace in the most natural way.


Compared with air conditioners, the cooling fan is more economical and environmentally friendly, because it adopts water evaporation to absorb heat, instead of refrigerants and compressors. In addition to low power consumption, the fan can release up to 9740 cfm airflow and cool up to 1800 Sq. ft coverage by the experiment. Features a large tank that can hold up to 45L water and keep moisture supply all day. What's more, the fan is also equipped with a three-sided honeycombed filter that acts as a sort of air purifier. The filtered and cooled air is distributed evenly through a large air vent. And you can customize an ideal airflow by adjusting the swing mode and wind speed. Besides, the air cooler has universal casters with a locking function so that you can easily move it and stop anywhere.
Hot summer is coming! If you want to enjoy the coolness in your patio, garage or workplace, don’t miss our evaporative air cooler!


Don’t miss this item!


  • Multifunctional air cooler can serve as fan, humidifier and air purifier
  • Ice cubes and water can be added to the tank for cooler wind
  • 45L large water tank keeps continuous cooling for 24 hours
  • 9740 cfm airflow and cool up to 1800 sq. ft
  • 8.3m/s maximum wind speed
  • 3 wind speeds allow you to adjust according to your needs
  • 100°Oscillation angle provides air supply to broad coverage.
  • 210W evaporative cooler is energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Universal casters and side handles allow you to move the fan with ease
  • Large cooling fan is suitable for garages, supermarkets, offices, etc.