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26 Quart Side Press Wringer Commercial Mop Bucket Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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coloryellow, black
materialpp(bucket), iron (rocker and handle), tpr (swivel wheels)
net weight10 lbs
capacity26 quart\6.5 gal
product size19.5" x 14" x 33" (l x w x h)
package includes

Key Features

● Premium Material Strong and Durable: The mop bucket made of PP is featuring strong hardness, high temperature resistant environmental material, and difficult reacting chemically. It's strong and durable. The wheels are made of TPR which is anti-slip and wear-resisting. It doesn't scratch the ground and is easy to control.
● Many Details Save Time And Labor: 3" non-marking rubber swivel wheels anti-slip and high elasticity, make the toughest jobs easier by minimizing the effort of transporting large volumes of liquid over any floor. The handle is so long that takes less effort to work. The rocker is fitted with a blue sleeve to prevent skidding.
● Stable Structure and Use Less Water: Mop-handle clip-on holder keeps mop upright in bucket to make sure the mop doesn't lurch. The structure of mop bucket is stable so it doesn't spill water when it moving or working. It can prevent waste water. The water bucket has 26 quart\6.5 gal capacity, which reduces the use of water to some extent.
● Intelligent Design Offers Conveniences: Wringer side-press wring is easy to use and is designed to perform up to 50, 000 wringing cycles that can be used for a long time. Cleaning wringer can dismount from trolley. The water bucket has a handle for lifting easily. The arc design on the bucket is convenient for pouring water.
● Safe Design And Suitable For Many Occasions: Cleaning wringer portable trolley use the bright color, bright yellow color for easy visibility and added safety. The trolley has warning signs printed on them to remind people of their safety without the stereoscopic warning board. Suitable for household, commercial, restaurant, hall.

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-Rubber swivel wheels don't damage the ground and easy to move

-The handle on the mop bucket has preventive slippery function

-The arc design on the bucket is convenient for pouring water

-The handle is long so that takes less effort when you use it

-It reduces the use of water because of the small capacity

-Mop-handle clip-on holder keeps mop upright in bucket when moving

-Bright yellow color for easy visibility and added safety

-It doesn’t spill water when it moving or working

-The water bucket has a handle for lifting easily

-It can be used in Household, Commercial place

-It makes very little noise when it works

-It has warning signs by itself