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Complete Golf Club Package Set with oversize aluminum driver for Outdoor Use Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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colouras shown in the picture
materialcarbon fiber + aluminum +zinc + iron + tpr + steel
golf stand bag length86.5cm
driver length109cm
3# fairway wood length106.5cm
4# hybrid length106.5cm
6# iron length94cm
7# iron length93cm
8# iron length91.5cm
9# iron length90cm
pitching wedge length89cm
putter length34" / 86.5cm
net weight6 kg

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This complete golf club bag set contains 9 pieces of most commonly used clubs, 3 matching head covers and a portable stand bag for all golf lovers to experience the ultimate golfing time. The 9cs kit includes an aluminum driver, a 3# fairway wood, a 4# hybrid, 6#/7#/8#/9# irons, a pitching wedge and a putter, which help your practice all skills and achieve the final goal. And to improve hitting accuracy, the driver is integrated with a 460cc oversized clubhead while the heel/toe weighted putter combines an alignment aid. What's more, the clubs are all made of high-quality material for a long service life. When they are not in use, you can properly keep them in the matching stand bag with a 7-way divider. By the way, the stand bag can be easily carried thanks to the built-in handle and adjustable shoulder straps. It also features multiple pockets for functional storage.



Bullet Point:

Professional Complete Golf Club Set for Golf Lovers: The complete golf club set provides 9 pieces golf clubs for all levels to deal with all conditions. It includes an aluminum driver, a 3# fairway wood with headcover, a 4# hybrid, 6#/7#/8#/9# irons, a pitching wedge and a putter, getting golf lovers fully-equipped for the course.

Successful Tee Shots & Final Goals: The aluminum driver is equipped with an 460cc oversize clubhead and large sweet spot to help you make the tee shot accurately. Likewise, the heel/toe weighted putter is specially designed with an alignment aid to avoid off-center hits and make the final goals.

High-quality Wood, Hybrid & Irons: The other clubs with comfortable TPR handles also promote golfer's great performance on the course. For example, the 3# fairway wood enables high trajectory with guaranteed distance. And the irons with steel shaft feature superior elasticity and low gravity centre for better control. Besides, the 4# hybrid makes great substitute of both.

Convenient Stand Bag: All these clubs can be well kept in one stand bag. And with a 7-way divider, the clubs won't collide with each other and suffer from bumps. Moreover, supported by 2 non-slip feet, the stand bag boasts great stability and presents a convenient angle for you to fetch the club you need.

Great Portability & Convenient Storage: The lightweight golf stand bag is fitted with a sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to carry it with ease. In addition, the stand bag is equipped with a lot of multifunctional pockets, so that you can keep your golf supplies and private items in an orderly and classified way.




Complete set with all commonly used clubs fits all golf lovers

460cc oversize aluminum driver helps you make successful tee shots

3# fairway wood with large sweet spot makes higher and further launch

4# hybrid club combines the advantages of wood and iron clubs

6#/7#/8#/9# irons with steel shaft offers a good touch and control

Heel and toe weighted putter with added alignment aid improves hitting accuracy

With matching headcovers to well protect clubs from bumps or scratches

Convenient stand bag provides good protection to clubs and easy access to golfers

Adjustable shoulder straps evenly distribute the stress and add carrying comfort

With several pockets for storing golf supplies and private items




Colour: As Shown in the Picture

Material: Carbon Fiber + Aluminum +Zinc + Iron + TPR + Steel

Golf Stand Bag Length: 86.5cm

Driver Length: 109cm

3# Fairway Wood Length: 106.5cm

4# Hybrid Length: 106.5cm

6# Iron Length:  94cm

7# Iron Length:  93cm

8# Iron Length:  91.5cm

9# Iron Length:  90cm

Pitching Wedge Length: 89cm

Putter Length: 34" / 86.5cm

Net Weight:6 kg



Package includes:

1 X Golf Stand Bag

1 X Alloy Driver

1 X 3# Fairway Wood

1 X 4# Hybrid

1 X 6# Iron

1 X 7# Iron

1 X 8# Iron

1 X 9# Iron

1 X Pitching Wedge

1 X Putter

1 X User Guide