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48,000 BTU Standing Outdoor Heater Propane LP Gas Steel with Table and Wheels Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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Color: Silver

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ISTA 3A standard

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product size32" x 32" x 87"(l x w x h)
base sizedia.18 x 3.5 inch
cylinder housing size15 x 30 inch
combustion screen sizedia.11 x 8.5 inch
reflector cover sizedia.32 inch
main strut size2.5 x 33.5 inch
power48000 btu
combustion capacity1~2 lbs/h
fuel20 lbs propane cylinder
net weight35 lbs
package includes

Key Features

Efficient Heating Performance: Providing a spacious warm area with a diameter of 13', the metal heating element of the outdoor heater has a high power output of 48,000 BTU for faster heating speed. The reflector plate at the top can preferably keep heat in one area. Unlike a charcoal brazier, this gas heater can provide a fire-free and smoke-free environment.
Sturdy Base for Safety: This patio heater has a useful reservoir system which can be filled with water or sand to provide a stable foundation with heavy weight. This outdoor heater has an anti-tilt design. When the heater tilts by some reasons, the heating of cylinder will automatically turn off. All these ensure that you can use the heater safely.
User-Friendly Design: Comes with two small wheels at side, this patio heater stand can be easily transport to any where you like without any load, And it features a built-in space for hiding the fuel tank to save space, Add extra shelf for you to place some drinks and wines, you can enjoy the leisure time with your friends or family at all times, no matter what the location.
Easy Assembly and Operation: With detailed instructions and complete accessories, the entire installation process will not take more than one hour. Heater features a simple push-button ignition for fast and simple operation, and a temperature control knob provides easy adjustability of both the height and intensity of the dancing flame.
Extended Time of Warmth: Constructed of premium steel, this 87" tall outdoor patio heater produces both radiant warmth and ambience. large-scale warmth provided to keep you and your family comfortable during the whole winter You can enjoy the leisure time in the patio with your family and friends all year round, without worrying about the temperature drop.

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This professional outdoor gas heater is 87" tall and provides continuous warmth and modern design.


In your spare time, it is a pleasure to enjoy leisure time in the patio with your friends or family. But you often worry about getting cold outside when the temperature drops. Try to use the metal patio heater to solve this problem! It has ultra-efficient performance which has a wide range of heating areas. The bottom of the heater can be filled with sand or water to increase weight and stability. When the heater tilts, the valve of the gas cylinder will automatically close to ensure safe use. The gas cylinder can be easily put into the cylinder housing because of the open-door design. What's more, it's easy to assemble with instruction manual and accessories. With the smooth wheels, it's convenient for you to transport the heater and you can enjoy the best time with your loved ones all year round without worrying about the low temperature.


If you are looking for a gas heater like this, don't hesitate to buy it!


  • High performance heating element with power of 48,000 BTU
  • High quality metal for durability and has long service time
  • Two smooth wheels for convenient transport
  • Compact design saves your space and for easy storage
  • Sand or water can be added to the bottom to increase weight and stability
  • Anti - tilt design can ensure the safety during use
  • A door on the housing for easily installs the gas tank
  • The reflector cover can keep the warm temperature better
  • A spacious warm area with a diameter of 13'
  • Suitable for different places like patio, deck and garden
  • Heating effect is good with the high calorific value
  • Extra shelf on post for placing your drinks and wines
  • With the adjustable strap in for fixing the gas tank
  • Suitable for family parties and friends gatherings
  • Simple operation and fast heating speed
  • Simple assembly needed