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Foot Massager Foot Spa Foot Tub with Removable Pedicure Stone 1 Hour Auto Shut Off Grey Sourcing Wholesale Supplier/Distributor | B2B Marketplace


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overall dimensions33 x 39 x 18 cm (l x w x h)
internal dimensions27 x 33 x 14 cm (l x w x h)
length of each long roll7 cm
length of each short roll6 cm
diameter of the pedicure stone5.5 cm
power cord length183 cm
maximum foot size45
voltage220-240v~ 50-60hz
net weight1.5kg
gross weight2 kg
scope of delivery

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Get rid of stress with foot massager!
Just press the control panel, you can set the desired water temperature from 35℃ to 46℃ while carefully maintaining the water temperature, no need to refill the water frequently. In addition, the foot spa features bubble mode & vibration mode, both of which specifically soothe overworked feet & tense muscles. By the way, the foot bath also has removable massage beads. Along with other roles, your stress will be completely relieved. Also included is a pedicure stone to remove dead skin on your feet. Finally, the 500W massager features a 1-hour auto shut-off for added peace of mind. It is a perfect gift for people whose feet are under size 45.

EASY CONTROL AND EFFECTIVE HEATING: One control panel allows you to set a desired temperature from 35-46°C while the foot bath maintains the set temperature to gently soothe your tired feet. This perfectly avoids the annoying frequent filling of hot water.

BEAUTIFUL BUBBLES AND VIBRATION FUNCTION: The foot spa can release numerous active oxygen bubbles that wrap around your aching feet and tap on pressure points. In addition, it is equipped with a vibration mode to release tight muscles and promote blood circulation.

Massage Rollers Relieve Pain: Dedicated to full massage, the foot massager includes 2 types of rollers (6cm or 7cm long) and detachable massage beads. By the way, the foot bath offers plenty of space inside for massaging, suitable for feet under size 45.

Pedicure Stone for Better Skin: Nice that the foot spa includes a 5.5cm diameter pedicure stone that can be installed instead of massage beads. It is very helpful to remove dead skin and smooth your feet for better skin condition.

Auto Shut-Off: The 500W foot spa includes a built-in timer that ensures the foot spa will automatically shut off after one hour for added safety.

Heating temperature of 35-46°C for pleasant massage pleasure
The foot bath/massager has a heating unit, a vibration mode and a bubble function
Comes with ergonomic massage rollers to stay healthy from now on
Effectively stimulates all acupuncture points on the bottom of your feet with rolling, pressing, kneading and more
An additional pedicure stone is helpful to remove dead skin on the heels
Detachable massage beads, you can install a pedicure stone instead
Safety guarantee for your family, including 1-hour auto power off to save energy
For better blood circulation & perfect sleep quality
To improve the body's immunity, relieve fatigue and reduce stress